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16" Baton public safety Solid Steel Stick W/Case - MA

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16 inch overall length
Solid rubber grip handle
Police and law enforcement grade public safety item
Easily extendable and retractable
Forged from very solid and durable stainless steel
Made specifically for law enforcement and security professionals, Takedown batons are one of the best self-defense items around. Supreme quality, long-lasting goods and intimidating designs all describe the make of the Takedown brand. These batons sport a variety of different handle types ranging from rubber grip to foam. Each handle can come with a flat edge or with an attachment such as a window breaker or DNA catcher (a jagged piece of hard ABS plastic that can retain the DNA or any attacker.) Each baton also comes with a free nylon sheath made to transport your Takedown baton around with ease because of a handy belt loop. Some batons open easily with the flick of a wrist while. Get your own supreme baton or police stick here before they're all gone.