Canna Cotton

Canna Cotton Is The Latest In Vaping Innovation!
If you have been searching for vaping cotton which is a step ahead of the pack, then check out Canna Cotton!
As vaping rapidly expands in popularity around the world, vapers everywhere are searching for innovative vaping products which go above and beyond in quality, performance, and affordability. A great product needs to meet these three requirements to ensure that it’s successful and Canna Cotton ticks all the boxes!
Canna Cotton is one of the world’s first hemp wicking products. We know, what does that even mean? Hemp is a natural product which provides numerous benefits when it comes to vape coil wicking. Canna Cotton is 20% natural hemp and 80% organic cotton. This means that when you buy Canna Cotton, you’re getting a natural product with no artificial ingredients.
Hemp products have been around for thousands of years, but it’s only over the last decade that people have begun turning to this natural product to experience everything which it has to offer and no, hemp won’t get you high! Hemp plants contain no THC and Canna Cotton wicking doesn’t either.

What’s so great about using a hemp-cotton mix in your vape wicking you might ask? Well, let’s check out some of Canna Cotton’s great benefits!

  • Canna Cotton is extremely heat resistant and helps to eliminate the number of dry hits which vapers experience when they’re vaping.
  • Even if you’re unlucky enough to dry fire your vaporizer and experience a dry hit, the hemp in Canna Cotton will be more resistant to excessive heat. This eliminates that disgusting burnt taste many vapers experience after a dry hit. No more throwing away your wicking and rebuilding your coil!
  • Canna Cotton also has fantastic fiber absorption and fiber retention even under extremely high temperatures and constant saturation. This means that your cotton wicking will have a much longer life and leave you with fewer tank leaks.
  • Canna Cotton will allow you to experience the true taste of your favorite e-liquids and e-juices without any flavor loss or contamination.
  • Canna Cotton comes conveniently pre-cut into strips which are ready to be installed into your coil. This makes building and rebuilding your coils a breeze.

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Written By : Ben Jackson